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FIG Questionnaire Responses from Irving District 5 Candidate Matthew J. Varble

1. Tell us about yourself and why you are running.

As the President of University Park Homeowners Association and an active member of my community that has been endorsed by the Irving Police Association, I've heard time after time the concerns citizens have that have gone unaddressed. I personally have went before the city council to get some of these concerns addressed (such as returning to twice a week trash pick up) on behalf of the people I represent, and many of these issues remain. I am running for office because it is time the city improves and restores its services like returning to twice a week trash pick up, quicker street repairs, and properly funding our firefighters and police officers. These are just a few of the goals I wish to accomplish.

2. As an elected official, what role could you play to promote the use of green spaces to help beneficial wildlife like bees and native plants? community gardens? food forests?

As an elected official I could certainly support these initiatives through coordinating closely with our parks board to facilitate getting resources or funding for projects such as this. I like the idea of wildflower and native plant promotions and would like to even see some community support behind apiary management to create a self sustaining ecosystem of wildflowers. We have plenty of areas including right of ways that could be used to increase native plants and wildflowers throughout our community.

3. What are some of your favorite places to enjoy nature in Irving / the DFW area? What kind of botanical features might Irving benefit from?

I enjoy the nature setting along the Campion trails within district 5. I also enjoy the wildlife and small lakes within Rochelle Park also located nearby. One neighbor introduced more geese and ducks into the park. Some additional botanical features Irving could benefit from would be to have their own small botanical gardens or rose garden features like what we see in Grapevine and Farmers Branch.

*For Voting Dates, Locations, and Times:

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