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  • Japanese Gardens Outing
    March 9, 2023; RSVP for time
    Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
    March 9, 2023; RSVP for time
    Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107, USA
    Join the Irving Garden and Arts Club for an outing to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to enjoy the Japanese Gardens.

What to Bring!

Here's a list of basics to bring to a garden work event


stay hydrated, stay cool

Sun protection

Hat, sunglasses, sunblock

Gardening gloves

long gloves can protect your arms from scratches and bug bites

Tall rubber boots

easily washable, keeps the ants out

Weeding tools

Trowels are good too


long handled or short handled, whatever you got to help cut back the overgrowth

Loose-fitting clothing with long sleeves and legs

keep cool while protecting against bugs, you can bring bug spray to protect yourself even more

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