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Eagle Scout Sculpture Brings the Community Together

Wende Burton poses in front of son's sculpture.

The Pollinator Garden at Bird’s Fort Trail Park now has a sculpture in the shape of butterfly wings at its center. The sculpture is part of Irving boy scout Aiden Burton’s endeavor to become an Eagle Scout. Made of reclaimed metal materials, the sculpture was built under the supervision of Dallas sculptor George Tobolowsky. Mr. Tobolowsky is world renowned for repurposing materials in his artwork.

Aiden Burton installs the sculpture he created for his Eagle Scout project.

The project began last summer when Aiden approached Friends of Irving Gardens for ideas to fulfill his Eagle Scout project requirements. It was decided that a sculpture would serve multiple purposes in the garden. First, it would serve as a trellis for passion vine and other plants that provide much needed nutrition to caterpillars of native butterflies. Second, it would serve as an aesthetic that can be seen from afar and also be a feature for photo-taking at the park. Lastly, the use of reclaimed materials in the sculpture emphasizes the need for sustainability in our daily practices.

Councilman Mark Zeske and Parks Chair Pete Miller come to support.

With Councilman Kyle Taylor’s help, the City of Irving’s Parks and Recreation staff and Advisory board approved the project at its November 2022 meeting. Many residents came to support the project and its installation. Members of Irving Parks Board, FIG members, the Interfaith Alliance of Irving, the League of Women Voters of Irving, Boy Scouts, and Irving Councilman Mark Zeske were present.

Members of FIG, Interfaith Alliance of Irving, Councilman Zeske and the League of Women Voters of Irving pose for a group photo.

All are invited to visit the Pollinator Garden at Bird's Fort Trail, a short walk south from the parking lot. Be sure to check out the sculpture while you are there!

FIG members cheer on the installation.

View ICTN’s coverage here:

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