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FIG discovers the Irving Garden and Arts Club!

Friends of Irving Gardens, or "FIG", is a relatively new kid on the block when it comes to garden clubs in Irving. We soon discovered what we had been missing when FIG members were invited to present at the IGA Fall Tea Party on September 8, 2022.

The Fall Tea Party took place at the Irving Garden and Arts Center where this club normally meets once a month. Typical meetings might include a hands-on demonstration for making floral arrangements, a very helpful presentation on horticulture, and unique presentations by members decorating shadow boxes with items that have both artistic and sentimental value.

Renee David, IGA President, and Cate Maloney, IGA Board Member, reached out to FIG to explore the possibility of a collaborative effort to add garden features on the Irving Garden and Arts Center property. The IGA building was donated by this club to the City of Irving in 1992 and is available to rent for small gatherings. FIG was happy to share our story about renovating the Pollinator Garden at Birds Fort Trail Park and our efforts to educate about native plants and pollinators. Madelyn Argueta, Liesl Payne, and Jackie Fritzel from Irving ISD's Parent Education and Community Engagement also attended to explore opportunities for Irving students with an interest in horticulture.

Irving Garden and Arts Club
Mona Wyatt shares history of Irving Garden and Arts Club - oldest existing club in Irving!

As the meeting began with a warm welcome from President Renee Davis and a brief history of IGA from Mona Wyatt, we came to appreciate the talent, experience, and heart that this club has passed along for decades. Mona explained that the club was first formed in November of 1934 and is the oldest existing club in Irving!! I don't think anyone will forget the horticulture talk on the many benefits of horticultural cornmeal - from keeping fungal damage away from your plants and grass to eliminating the same from your toenails! It was also touching and fascinating to hear the stories behind the decorations in the shadowboxes that are a permanent feature of the Garden and Arts Center. The tables were beautifully adorned with floral centerpieces, and the tea luncheon after the meeting was exquisite - complete with scones, fine china, and a wonderful selection of teas to choose from.

Fall Tea Party at IGA with shadowboxes in the background

Our experience with the Irving Garden and Art Club was truly special. To have a club in our city that has existed since 1934 is an invaluable treasure that we feel blessed to have discovered. Our hope is to not only partner with IGA, but also to help keep this amazing legacy going. We encourage you to share about the Irving Garden and Arts Club with anyone who might be interested. The club meets on the second Thursdays of each month from 10 am to noon at 906 Senter Rd, Irving, 75060.

FIG Team attends Irving Garden and Arts Club meeting

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