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Monarch Meet Success

On September 19 of 2021, FIG hosted our very first Monarch Meet event to coincide with the annual migration of monarch butterflies through our region. This was a very special occasion for FIG volunteers to enjoy the fruits of their labor, as the butterfly garden at Birds Fort Trail was abuzz with all kinds of pollinators!

Many thanks to the Parks Department, Keep Irving Beautiful, and ICTN for their invaluable support! And to Debra Fournerat for leading this wonderful and informative event.

Pollinator-friendly plants were given to attendees as door prizes, while Debra's special net container showcased chrysalises and monarch caterpillars.

Our student volunteers passed out pollinator-friendly seed packets and plants.

FIG volunteers are grateful to all the visitors who came including Councilman Mark Zeske and Parks Board members Cynthia Beckham Sharp and Paul Silverlieb.

Together, we are making small changes for a big impact on our wildlife.

To see ICTN's excellent coverage of the event, click the following:

We hope you all can join us at the next FIG event!

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