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Dennis Webb, District 8 Candidate, responds to FIG Questionnaire

As an elected official, what role could you play to promote the use of green spaces for gardens that can help beneficial wildlife, like pollinators and native plants?

Assist organizations already promoting green space production with their request - what they feel they need to accomplish for their green goals. Make green space education a priority for education to our youth by sponsoring green initiatives through our parks and recreation dept. Support the Green Advisory committee when advised by them of focuses the city needs to make important.

As part of the early community garden efforts I suggested the use of Jackie Townsell Museum park for a community garden. Behind the Sasm green house is an area that was used one year. It's a perfect location for a community garden/ Green space.

As a Pastor of the Bear Creek Church I lead the efforts of our church to have a sustainable community garden on our church property. We work with corporations and organizations to use the garden for employee team building events. We partnered with Walmart on 635, Lowes, a Master Gardener and the community. We sold the property several years ago but we just now implemented phase 1 of the new grace space on the front of our property that will encompass over an acre of land.

What are some of your favorite places to enjoy nature in Irving / the DFW area? What kind of botanical features might Irving benefit from?

My own community of Bear Creek... The rural feel and openness and old green structure (trees) and open land puts nature on display in various ways.

My busy schedule does not allow me to spend much time enjoying nature.

Irving could benefit by creating a Botanical Garden similar to the ones in Ft Worth but on a smaller scale. Irving could consider Partnering with Texas A&M or the entities that built the Botanical gardens for some possible location in Irving.

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