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Gustavo Garcia, District 4 Candidate, responds to FIG Questionnaire

As an elected official, what role could you play to promote the use of green spaces for gardens that can help beneficial wildlife, like pollinators and native plants?

First let me thank the FIG group for their time and effort at the Butterfly Garden at Bird's Fort Trail Park. This is exactly what we need more of across Irving!

We should use the same concept from Bird's Fort to create similar areas in parks around the city.

What are some of your favorite places to enjoy nature in Irving / the DFW area? What kind of botanical features might Irving benefit from?

We love Heritage Park and Levy Plaza, with their wide open spaces and plenty of grassy areas. Campion Trails allows families to walk or bike and still feel in touch with nature. Irving would benefit from the continued use of native grasses and plants in our parks, as these are best adapted to the Texas climate. I would personally love to have a community garden in South Irving, where residents could participate in, and benefit from, growing fruits and vegetables.

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