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Susan Motley, District 4 Candidate, responds to FIG Questionnaire

As an elected official, what role could you play to promote the use of green spaces for gardens that can help beneficial wildlife, like pollinators and and native plants?

In addition to promoting environmentally-friendly policies generally and collaborating with The Friends of Irving Gardens and other similar groups, I could participate in, support, and promote programs, groups, and events that work to protect, improve, and beautify our environment, such as Irving's Parks & Recreation Department, Tree Board, Tree Farm, and Keep Irving Beautiful.

What are some of your favorite places to enjoy nature in Irving / the DFW area? What kind of botanical features might Irving benefit from?

Some of my favorite places to enjoy nature in Irving are Oak Meadow Park, Towne Lake Park, Fritz Park, Lively Park, and Centennial Park. Irving might benefit from a public garden in South Irving, similar to the one maintained by The Friends of the Irving Gardens near Campion Trail, but nearer to Heritage Park or the Heritage District generally, where visitors could be introduced to native plants while also helping beneficial wildlife like pollinators.

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